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Nature Tokens

Struggling with self-esteem, emptiness, or a sense of belonging?

Feeling not in control of your life and confused as to why?

Wanting to find greater peace, love and confidence in your relationships but not sure how?


Let me help you build loving connections, a sense of wholeness, and belonging. 

Let me help you develop confidence and security in your relationships. 

Let me help connect you with your inner reservoirs of strength, peace, and clarity.


How I Can Help

Meet Mandie

Mandie began her work in Tokyo, Japan where she founded the practice Tokyo Harmony. Now she works with clients in Japan and around the world, utilizing a broad range of training and experience which includes conducting individual and group psychotherapy with individuals dealing trauma and PTSD, personality disorders, disordered eating, and many other challenges.


Self-Esteem, Relationship Struggles & Childhood Trauma
Helping find stability, connection, and control in life again.


Expats &

International Residents
Helping expatriates and international residents find meaning and joy in life.


Internal Family

Systems Therapy
Helping to discover ways to manage what life throws at us and find inner balance.

What I Want To Tell You About

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