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Mandie prefers to bring a quite proactive approach to the therapy room, teaching skills and ways of reorienting to our world, as well as new ways to connect with ourselves and others, leading to deep healing and clarity. 

Her approach is largely influenced by Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) while also bringing in psychodynamic and attachment-oriented lenses, as needed.

Originally from a small town in Michigan, Mandie began her work in Tokyo, Japan where she founded the practice Tokyo Harmony. Here she developed further specialization in supporting the expatriate communities and individuals with complexly multicultural identities. Having lived as an expatriate, herself, in various countries across the Asian continent including Japan, China, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Taiwan, Mandie is also personally well-acquainted with the struggles inherent to adjusting to new places, managing a multicultural lifestyle, and navigating large life transitions.


During her practice many also approached her in hopes of working through the challenges with childhood trauma, self-esteem, relationships, and Borderline Personality Disorder, areas in which she also became further specialized and personally committed. Mandie found that as she brought Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy into the room with these clients they were in turn increasingly finding great relief, clarity, peace, and empowerment through the IFS approach. It is for this reason that she prefers to bring IFS Therapy, often in conjunction with the other approaches as fit, into her work with those who are struggling in these areas.


Mandie's initial education and training were completed at the University of Michigan. She now works with clients in Japan and around the world, utilizing a broad range of training and experience which includes conducting individual and group psychotherapy with individuals dealing with:



She possesses extensive training and education in many of the most recent, up-to-date, and evidence-based practices as well as classic, foundational theories and methods. These include:​​

  • Mindfulness-based Methods

  • Attachment-based Methods

  • Psychodynamic Methods

  • Further Trauma-oriented Methods

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